Airport Pickup Instructions

If you need to be picked up at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), here are some instructions by Seattle Car Service that can help:

  1. Check your flight arrival time: Make sure to check your flight arrival time to ensure that your ride is there on time.
  2. Meet your driver: After you have collected your luggage and are ready to be picked up, proceed to the designated pickup area. If you have a ride-share or taxi, follow the signs to the appropriate pickup zone. If you are being picked up by a friend or family member, coordinate with them ahead of time to determine the exact location for pickup.
  3. Look for signage: There are signs located throughout the airport that can help guide you to the pickup area. Look for signs that indicate the designated pickup zones.
  4. Confirm your ride details: Before getting into any vehicle, make sure to confirm the details of your ride, including the driver’s name, license plate number, and the vehicle make and model.
  5. Be patient: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can be a busy airport, so be patient if your ride is delayed. If you are using a ride-share service, keep an eye on the app for updates on your driver’s location and estimated arrival time.

Overall, it’s important to communicate with your driver ahead of time and be prepared for any delays or changes to your pickup plan.